Holiday Photo Tip #2

by Warren Tang

Get Down Low And Get Close -

Just because you’re taller than your kids doesn’t mean most of your photos should be of the tops of their heads.  To get some great photos of children try to get down to their level where you can make eye contact and really engage them.  You can even try getting down on your belly and shooting up!  The new perspective can be fun and different!  Another common problem with holiday photos is the background clutter that distracts the viewer and ruins otherwise lovely photos.  The way to exorcise drunk party guests, roaming relatives, and piles of wrapping paper from the backgrounds of your photos is to get close.  By zooming in or simply walking closer to your subject, you can capture little Suzie’s gleeful gasp as she tears open that perfect gift without showing off the pile of paper, ribbons, and unfolded laundry in the background.

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Stay tuned!  Holiday photo tip #3 is coming soon!

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