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Christmas Décor Idea Utilizing Old Ornaments And Decorations

Christmas is the time of year where one can get away with using ostentatious decorations. Many people agree that the more the merrier when it comes to decorating for Christmas. One problem with decorating for this season is the expense that it entails. One Christmas décor idea to lessen the blow of expenses is to [...]

Swiss Maid Fudge – Homemade Gingerbread Bark Spices Up The Holiday Season

Every family has their holiday food favorite. Perhaps Grandma’s buttery shortbread is a traditional treat; maybe homemade Greek Christmas bread is a goodie everyone looks forward too; perhaps an old-fashioned family recipe for chocolate fudge is the indulgence of choice for the holidays. When it comes to mouthwatering, homemade food, there really is no place [...]

Christmas Cake

Christmas is the most widely celebrated religious festival in the world since time immemorial. Several philosophies, practices and taboos are directly and indirectly attached to this particular holy celebration. With this regards, the Christmas cake undeniably requires a very special mention. It is the integral part of the celebration and a must in this joyous [...]