Discovering The Tradition of Christmas Greeting Cards

Christmas greeting cards are one of the most important things to have during Christmas season, apart from the food and the decorations. At some point in our lives, people have managed to send out Christmas cards at least once. This practice is not just done in the United States, but almost every country in the world has a practice of sending out Christmas greeting cards as well. Even though it is such a popular practice, not that many people actually know about its history and why it is so important for people today. Let’s check back into the past and see what the main reason for this practice is.

Christmas Cards: Taking a Look at its Past

When it came to sending out greeting cards, who would have done it better than the Englishman? London is the primary origin of this tradition. Back then, it was a common practice for English folks to send out Christmas greeting cards to friends and family. These were all handwritten or bore some personal greeting from the sender. However, one busy Englishman, by the name of Sir Henry Cole, commissioned the artist, John Callcott Horsley to create and paint greeting cards for him because he simply did not have enough time. He wanted to just be able to add his signature and send out the cards. This went well until after Horsley decided to paint a picture of children enjoying the holiday spirit drinking wine. It saw a sudden end, however, in the 20th century; Kate Greenaway created the first few preprinted cards.

It wasn’t long before Christmas greeting cards became a tradition in the United States. Louis Prang, an American Lithograph printer, created and sold these cards. Most were designed with snowmen pictures, flowers, birds, toys and children enjoying the holiday season. As times have pushed on, the whole tradition of sending out Christmas greeting cards became a huge part of our culture.

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