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Holiday Photo Tip #3

by Warren Tang
Shoot Things, Not Just People -
As much as the holidays are about people – family, friends, loved ones, and even in-laws – the spirit of the holidays is also in the décor, the food and yes, the desserts.  To capture the full essence of the holiday season I encourage you to include photos [...]

Holiday Photo Tip #2

by Warren Tang
Get Down Low And Get Close -
Just because you’re taller than your kids doesn’t mean most of your photos should be of the tops of their heads.  To get some great photos of children try to get down to their level where you can make eye contact and really engage them.  You can [...]

Tips for Holiday Photos You’ll Cherish

by Warren Tang
As the holidays are upon us, many of us are feeling the need to capture memorable photos of friends and family, food and fun, and the sparkle of joy in the eyes of the little ones.  Whether you’re wielding a $2,000 professional DSLR camera, snapping with a slim and trim compact camera, or [...]