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Christmas Decorating Ideas for Your Home

Christmas decorating is a must, to some degree at least, for most of us who celebrate the holiday season. For some there is no such thing as too much. The more lights and glitter the better. Others prefer a more limited display of Christmas holiday decor, but rich colors and a bit of shimmer usually  [...]

Christmas Décor Idea Utilizing Old Ornaments And Decorations

Christmas is the time of year where one can get away with using ostentatious decorations. Many people agree that the more the merrier when it comes to decorating for Christmas. One problem with decorating for this season is the expense that it entails. One Christmas décor idea to lessen the blow of expenses is to [...]

Buying vs Making Your Own Christmas Decorations

If you are like many other individuals, you enjoy Christmas.  With Christmas comes gifts’, spending time with family, and Christmas adornments.  While everyone loves to get Christmas gifts and spend time with their family, there are others who are most excited about decorating for Christmas.  In a way, putting up Christmas decorations symbolizes the upcoming [...]

Holiday Decorating with Kids

Planning Christmas with kids gives you an opportunity to get them involved. Christmas is a truly magical season for children, and letting them decorate for Christmas will not only give kids a sense of accomplishment with what they created, it will get your house decorated as well!
If you don’t mind homemade décor on your tree, [...]

Christmas Coupon – Get Your Christmas Coupons Today

Christmas Coupon – Get Your Christmas Coupons Today
Get Your Christmas Coupons Here
Christmas gifts are so expensive for people now that any savings are welcomed.
All of us are finding that Christmas gifts are rising in price and many are using coupons to save money on the presents they buy at Christmas.
It’s so easy to save money [...]

Holiday Photo Tip #3

by Warren Tang
Shoot Things, Not Just People -
As much as the holidays are about people – family, friends, loved ones, and even in-laws – the spirit of the holidays is also in the décor, the food and yes, the desserts.  To capture the full essence of the holiday season I encourage you to include photos [...]

Holiday Photo Tip #2

by Warren Tang
Get Down Low And Get Close -
Just because you’re taller than your kids doesn’t mean most of your photos should be of the tops of their heads.  To get some great photos of children try to get down to their level where you can make eye contact and really engage them.  You can [...]

Tips for Holiday Photos You’ll Cherish

by Warren Tang
As the holidays are upon us, many of us are feeling the need to capture memorable photos of friends and family, food and fun, and the sparkle of joy in the eyes of the little ones.  Whether you’re wielding a $2,000 professional DSLR camera, snapping with a slim and trim compact camera, or [...]

Gingerbread House Kits: Which One to Buy?

It can be really confusing to look at all the gingerbread house kits on the market and figure out which one is best for you. There are literally dozens of them! However, they fall into one of three categories, which will help you make your decision.
Un-baked Gingerbread House Kits
These kits contain the mix, the icing [...]