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How to Make a Healthy and Delicious Carrot-Fruit Bundt Cake

This tasty Carrot-Fruit Bundt Cake is made with a healthier for you dessert in mind.  Most cakes of this type would contain about a cup of oil.  This cake only has a quarter cup of heart healthy canola oil while the remainder of oil is replaced with applesauce.  The carrots add beta-carotene to this dessert.  [...]

How to Make a Yeast Bundt Cake with Fruit Preserves

If you are tired of making the same old cakes every time you entertain or treat your family, give this recipe a try for a cake that will be different yet tasty.  This bundt cake is sure to become a favorite at your house.  You can change the cake by using different flavors of preserves [...]

Christmas Cake

Christmas is the most widely celebrated religious festival in the world since time immemorial. Several philosophies, practices and taboos are directly and indirectly attached to this particular holy celebration. With this regards, the Christmas cake undeniably requires a very special mention. It is the integral part of the celebration and a must in this joyous [...]