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Discovering The Tradition of Christmas Greeting Cards

Christmas greeting cards are one of the most important things to have during Christmas season, apart from the food and the decorations. At some point in our lives, people have managed to send out Christmas cards at least once. This practice is not just done in the United States, but almost every country in the [...]

Southbank and the London Eye warm up for Christmas

One of the UK’s most iconic attractions, the London Eye, is welcoming the festive season with a new Mulled Wine Flight—a ride on the 135-meter high observation wheel accompanied by a warm glass of mulled wine. Tickets start at £30 and include a glass of mulled wine (or a non-alcoholic drink for the kids) and [...]

Easy Christmas Cakes & Puddings

When most people think of Christmas, there are certain smells and tastes that immediately come to mind. A kitchen that tantalises the senses is a place that invites family to gather and to linger. Create that kind of kitchen this Christmas with these easy Christmas cakes recipes. Most of the cake ingredients are easy to [...]

How Did the Fruitcake Become so Popular For Holidays?

Who hasn’t tasted a fruitcake? If you have browsed through a holiday gift display in your local department store, you have most certainly seen a fruitcake or two in the offering. A fruitcake is almost always included on a holiday dessert menu and can usually be found tucked away in a corner at a holiday [...]

Favorite Foods of Christmas

Favorite foods enjoyed by Americans for any given holiday, season or special occasion will likely include some ethnic dish, given the many ethnic groups that reside in the country. Despite this variety of melting pot cuisine, there are some similarities in dishes that will be a part of most meals during celebrations such as Christmas.
Christmas [...]

The Amazing Story Behind Pumpkin Pie

Did you know that at the first original Thanksgiving feasts in the colonies of the new world, none of what we call traditional thanksgiving foods were served? So how is this known? It’s known because these foods simply weren’t available to them with one exception. That would be squash, including pumpkins. You see pumpkins are [...]

Swiss Maid Fudge – Homemade Gingerbread Bark Spices Up The Holiday Season

Every family has their holiday food favorite. Perhaps Grandma’s buttery shortbread is a traditional treat; maybe homemade Greek Christmas bread is a goodie everyone looks forward too; perhaps an old-fashioned family recipe for chocolate fudge is the indulgence of choice for the holidays. When it comes to mouthwatering, homemade food, there really is no place [...]

Christmas Cake

Christmas is the most widely celebrated religious festival in the world since time immemorial. Several philosophies, practices and taboos are directly and indirectly attached to this particular holy celebration. With this regards, the Christmas cake undeniably requires a very special mention. It is the integral part of the celebration and a must in this joyous [...]

Buying vs Making Your Own Christmas Decorations

If you are like many other individuals, you enjoy Christmas.  With Christmas comes gifts’, spending time with family, and Christmas adornments.  While everyone loves to get Christmas gifts and spend time with their family, there are others who are most excited about decorating for Christmas.  In a way, putting up Christmas decorations symbolizes the upcoming [...]

Holiday Decorating with Kids

Planning Christmas with kids gives you an opportunity to get them involved. Christmas is a truly magical season for children, and letting them decorate for Christmas will not only give kids a sense of accomplishment with what they created, it will get your house decorated as well!
If you don’t mind homemade décor on your tree, [...]