Swiss Maid Fudge – Homemade Gingerbread Bark Spices Up The Holiday Season

Every family has their holiday food favorite. Perhaps Grandma’s buttery shortbread is a traditional treat; maybe homemade Greek Christmas bread is a goodie everyone looks forward too; perhaps an old-fashioned family recipe for chocolate fudge is the indulgence of choice for the holidays. When it comes to mouthwatering, homemade food, there really is no place like home for the holidays. While it’s true that nothing could ever replace these once-a-year treats, there are some novel, seasonal edibles on the market which can be interesting complements to the traditional fare.

Swiss Maid Fudge, a proud, longtime producer of handmade candy, is one confectioner that is keen to develop new and exciting confections each year. They have recently launched their newest baked good, homemade gingerbread bark, and have already received favorable reports from customers. To make the bark, they enhance their signature recipe for milk chocolate with holidays spices, mix the chocolate by hand on cool marble to harden it into a brittle bark, and then top it off with crumbly bits of classic gingerbread drizzled with white chocolate. This bold blend of flavors is destined to become a new family favorite.

While proud of their candy-making heritage and classic confections, Swiss Maid Fudge is excited to cook up tasty, innovative creations. Besides their newest product, homemade gingerbread bark, Swiss Maid Fudge has blended classic ingredients with new flavors to invent several original holiday candies such as homemade peppermint stick chocolate fudge, candy cane truffles and chocolate dipped peppermint stick apples. Swiss Maid Fudge confectioners have stayed true to their candy-making roots, carefully making all of their products by hand with all-natural ingredients and no artificial preservatives. Their small batches of candy are made fresh daily so that customers are always sure to taste the candy at its best.

Over the past 45 years, Swiss Maid Fudge has developed a loyal following of customers from near and far. Locals of Wisconsin Dells, Wisconsin know that they can count on their favorite homemade candy-maker, Swiss Maid Fudge, to dish out the richest fudge, the chewiest salt water taffy, and the gooiest caramel apples. As generations of customers have grown up and moved away, Swiss Maid Fudge has made sure that Midwesterners can still get their hands on their favorite candies by ordering them online. From old-fashioned chewy chocolate caramels to the new, crunchy, homemade gingerbread bark, quality, handmade candy is only ever a few clicks away.

Swiss Maid Fudge, a family owned and operated business, has been passing down confectionary skills and tricks of the trade for generations. Ingredients for their old-fashioned candies are boiled in large copper kettles set over an open, gas-fired cast iron stove, and then mixed and molded on cool, solid marble. Mastery of these traditional skills is essential in producing luscious candy and Swiss Maid Fudge is committed to keeping their candy-making traditions alive.

For more information or to order spicy, homemade gingerbread bark online visit SwissMaidFudge.

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